Next Color GenHAIRation

The contest that rewards your artistic talent

Your talent can leave a mark in the history of ALFAPARF MILANO PROFESSIONAL.
Mix your favourite nuances and create a new color – the best creations will compete in the Global Final in Italy, and the winning nuance will become an official color of the brand. Turn your vision into a shade like no other!

Win a world of exclusive prizes!

The winner of the contest will live a once-in-a-lifetime experience, with lots of ALFAPARF MILANO PROFESSIONAL prizes that celebrate the endless bond between beauty and color:

  • Official production of the winning nuance: become part of ALFAPARF MILANO PROFESSIONAL’s history and bring your color to salons across the world.
  • Participation in the 2023 Collection: learn the best tricks in the book, find out how a collection is made and be the first to enjoy the newest style and color creations!
  • Visibility on the brand’s socials: bring your talent under the spotlight…it’s time to let it shine!

How does it work?


Every participant creates a new, original nuance, colors a real strand of hair and sends it along with the nuance recipe to the address we have provided.


For each country, an ALFAPARF MILANO PROFESSIONAL colorist selects the 6 most exciting nuances submitted.


Each country’s finalist takes part in a local competition, showcasing their artistic talent with a wearable and contemporary technical-stylistic creation that brings out the best of their new color mix.


Each country’s local winner will compete in the Global Final, in Italy in 2023, dreaming to be crowned overall winner of the Next Color GenHAIRation contest.

How do I participate?

Register by filling the form below with your personal data and your salon’s information.
Read the regulation, accept the participation terms and download the information form to present your color.
Mix the color lines of ALFAPARF MILANO PROFESSIONAL, create a new, original shade and fill the information form with the details of your nuance.
Send the filled information form and a hair strand colored with your nuance to the address provided during the registration. Good luck!

A rainbow of inspiration

Explore all the ALFAPARF MILANO PROFESSIONAL color lines that you can mix to create an original nuance. From the permanent three-dimensional color of Evolution of the Color³ to the ultra-concentrated shades of Pigments, get inspired and give life to a new color! 

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